“We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity: If you've got vision and smarts you can rise to the top regardless of where you started out. If you want successes focus on your strengths”. Clara Mantilla, CEO and Founder of PAG

PAG offers onsite customized seminars, workshops and lunch & Learns at any of our 8 accessible  facilities throughout Florida, California and NYC. Can not come to problem we will also work around your schedule and come to you. Our onsite and in-house customized trainings are designed to structure innovation, integrate product development, speed up learning of new development teams and utilization of strategic thinking preferences to improve project management results.

Our key coaching areas are:

Management Training

  • The Skills of Leadership
  • Understanding Personality Profiles (DISC)
  • Time Management
  • Building a Successful Team
  • Coaching and Developing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Decision Making Process
  • Presentation is Key
  • Expanding your business, your network and your staff by "Thinking Global and Acting Local" 

Train the Trainer

  • How to Structure and Plan a Successful Training Program
  • Using Different Training Methods and Media
  • The Learning Cycle
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Communicating to a Diverse Audience
  • Successful Presentation Skills
  • Training Research and Resources

Sensational Service with a Global View

  • Effective Communication and Telephone Techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Diversity Awareness
  • The Importance of Oral and Written Communication
  • It’s All about the Service
  • Delivery is Key

PAG believes in outreach and the importance of paying it forward. Attend our next free workshop, seminar or sponsored event: click here